Dialysis Technician – State Training, Examination and Salary Information

Becoming a Dialysis Technician has become a wonderful opportunity for thousands of Americans looking to get into the
healthcare field with minimal experience and testing.

Under the direction of a physician or Registered Nurse, Dialysis Technicians manage dialysis related machines and execute renal dialysis on variety of patients with chronic kidney failure, or acute kidney failure.  The actual function of Dialysis is to eradicate unneeded fluids and waste from the dialysis patient’s vascular system.  These patients’ kidneys are not properly removing this waste matter on their own.

Some of the specific duties of a Dialysis Technician include:

  • Check the patient for vitals both before the actual treatment, and during the treatment as well.
  • Make sure that the machines are operating properly,and are cleaned after the dialysis procedure.
  • Build relationships with the dialysis patients in keeping with a relaxed atmostphere.
  • Help to manage supplies and assist RN’s with the ordering process.

Dialysis technician’s hourly pay currently ranges from about $16 per hour up to about $25 per hour – depending on the experience of the technician and the location of his/her work.  With dialysis technician examinations being relatively contained to specific requirements and information, new technicians in the dialysis field find that entrance into the this healthcare niche is specific enough to make the examinations easy, but difficult enough to make the experience very rewarding.

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