Bonent CHT Exam – Certified Hemodialysis Technician Exam


The Bonent Exam that offers a designation for dialysis technicians (CHT, for Certified Hemodialysis Technician) covers five basic areas including patient care, machine technology, water treatment, dialyzer reprocessing and education/personal development.  Let’s cover the specifics of each of these five areas.

First Patient care is by far the largest area tested.  In fact, your knowledge of patient care will total about two-thirds of the total examination.  So, a good understanding of patient car as it relates to a dialysis technician will be very important in this exam.  Patient care involves assessment of patient data and the dialysis machine, management of the dialysis treatment, intervention of the dialysis process,  and evaluation of both the dialyzer and the dialysis patient as well.  Again, count on about 65% of the total test revolving around dialysis patient care.

Machine technology accounts for 10% of the total exam and tests your knowledge on the maintenance of dialysis systems, machine set-up, and dialysis machine operation and interventions should various problems arise.

The water treatment portion accounts for about 5% of the testing questions on the CHT and tests your knowledge of the components or designs of systems, maintenance of systems and the monitoring process of systems as well.

Dialyzer Reprocessing questions also total about 5% of the total exam and include areas such as the procedures, testing, evaluation and validation.

The education and personal development portion of the CHT exam accounts for 15% of the total exam and will test your knowledge of patient education, and personal/professional development as a dialysis technician.  Also quality control issues such as storage and privacy of patient records will be tested.

The exam will last no more than 3 hours and consists of 150 multiple choice questions.  So for example, patient care issues will account for about 100 questions out of the total 150.  Like other dialysis technician exams, you will need to supply the testing board a copy of your high school diploma or other high school equivalency certification.  You will also need proof of at least one-year’s worth of work history OR satisfactory completion of a dialysis training course approved by the Bonent Board.  Finally, a couple of references will be required as well.

States such as Ohio for example will require that all applicants have finished at least 1 year of patient care before taking the examination.

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