CCHT Examination (Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician)


One of the generally accepted designations in the dialysis technician world is the CCHT, or the Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician certification.  The examination is tested in areas of clinical, technical, environment and role.  Let’s discuss a few of what’s asked in each of these four categories.  Some states such as California require proof of an exam like the CCHT exam before being able to hold ones self out as a dialysis technician in the state

In the clinical area, you will be tested on your understanding regarding issues such as CPR, vital signs testing, weighing patients, checking pre-dialysis fluid levels, how to administer topical anesthetics, problems since the last dialysis treatments, dialysis machine settings, blood sampling, herapin administration, and post-dialysis access care.  About 50% of the total questions will be relating to the clinical functions of the dialysis technician.

Technical questions will test your knowledge of areas such as the safe usage of dialysis equipment, quality control within the dialysis facility, useage of syringes and needles, effectiveness of the water treatment systems in place, setting and testing the dialysis equipment alarms, and the setting up and monitoring the dialyzers during and after the dialysis treatment.  About 23% of the questions will be relating to the technical aspects of a dialysis technician’s job functions.

Environmental questions on the CCHT exam will include testing your knowledge of areas such as the disinfectant of the dialysis equipment and other items within the patient areas, proper body mechanics, safety within the dialysis environment, infection control precautions, and the issues relating to the discarding of disposable supplies used in the dialysis process.  About 15% of the total questions will relate to environmental issues.

Role questions on the CCHT exam will include maintaining proper relationships with the dialysis patients, taking ownership of quality control at the facility, privacy and dignity of the dialysis patients and communication with the patients.  About 12% of the total questions will revolve around “role” questions on the exam.

Examination fees for the CCHT designation are currently set at $225.  Get your form in on time, as late fees can be added up to a rate of $50.  Finally, make sure that your application is complete as the CCHT reserves the right to assess as $25 incomplete form fee may be added to your overall bill.

Occassionally, and in some places around the country paper-based exams are offered.  However, computer-based testing is set up around the country and in almost every state.  To take the examination, applicants must have a high school diploma or a GED equivalency and proof of an authorized training program.  A certification of the training program or an authorized letter of the nurse in charge must be submitted as well.


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