CCNT Dialysis Technician Examination


One of the three nationally-recognized examinations that offer examination certification for dialysis technicians is the National Nephrology Certification Organization’s CCNT Exam.  CCNT’s (or Certified Clinic Nephrology Technicians) have completed the following:


  1. Must at least have an education at the high school graduate level.  A GED equivalency is acceptable for this requirement.  Also, if you’ve spent at least four years in the field of Nephrology, or dialysis, this may substitute for the high school education equivalency.
  2. Folks wanting to sit for the CCNT exam must also have 1 year of a nephrology technology training program with clinical experience.  The fee required to sit for the exam is currently set at $245.  The examination has a maximum testing time of three hours with 200 multiple choice questions.
  3. An Application and a fee submitted.


The content that you will find on the exam is not too different from the other two exams, the CCHT Examination and the Bonent CHT Exam with most of the exam being a focus on the actual dialysis patient.  The test breaks down as follows:


  • Principles of Dialysis – 10%
  • Care of the Patient – 15%
  • Dialysis Procedures – 15%
  • Dialysis Complications – 15%
  • Water Treatment – 15%
  • Infection Control and Safety – 20%
  • Reprocessing – 10%


Which is harder, the Bonent Exam, the CCHT Exam, or this one, the CCNT Exam?  Well, this one – the CCNT is a 200-question exam where the Bonent exam and the CCHT Exam only contains 150 multiple choice questions.  That doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it might.  Since each exam lasts three hours, that leaves less time per question on the CCNT exam.

It might come down to the closest place to take the examination.  The CCNT exam is offered by PTC testing centers, which seem to be more readily available than the others.  In fact, in my little hometown of 10,000 people, the CCNT is offered at the local community college.

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