Renal Dialysis Technician


A Renal Dialysis Technician is essentially the same as a Patient Care Technician, Dialysis Tech, Hemodialysis Technician, or a variety of other names often used.  The name is not as important as the work performed.

A renal dialysis technician is essentially any individual providing direct care to dialysis patients AND isn’t categorized as another professional.  Another professional may mean nurse, social worker or dietitian to dialysis patients.  The key is the direct care bit.  Setting up dialysis machines for patients, maintaining machines and closing down machines before, during, or after patient use would therefore NOT satisfy the requirement of direct care, and would therefore, not be considered a renal dialysis technician – as long as no direct patient care was performed while doing so.  It is important to note that collecting vitals and other information would be considered direct patient care and would then, therefore, be construed as falling into the category of a dialysis technician.

Salary information for a renal dialysis tech can be found here, and job descriptions for renal techs can be found here.  Examinations that satisfy many state requirements are already in place and are being revealed as a positive step in the entire certification process.

In our opinion, renal technicians will be in large demand over the next 20 years for a couple of reasons.  One reason to believe that renal dialysis techs will be in more demand is the aging population of baby boomers.  They are aging, and so are their kidneys.  Nutrition experts also say that the food we are currently eating (coupled with low exercise levels) are creating problems for our entire bodies as well.  Also, federal requirements are creating a more stringent certification process for individuals wanting to become rental dialysis technicians, creating less supply of those tech and higher salaries.  We believe this is a win-win in terms of the patient-technician relationship moving into the coming years.

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