What Do Dialysis Technicians Do?


A Dialysis Technician’s primary function is to work with folks who have either limited (or no) kidney function.  Under the primary care of a nephrology nurse, dialysis techs are the “face” of the dialysis facility.  In fact, many dialysis technicians are able to develop wonderful relationships with their patients.

Before a patient arrives at the facility, a technician should strive to make the welcoming area comfortable and friendly, making a positive impact on the arriving patient.  The technician generally provides disinfectant procedures to the machine and gets the machine ready for the patient.  When the patient arrives, the technician should go thru the procedures necessary to get the patient ready.  These procedures generally include weighing the patient and checking the vitals such as the blood pressure and heart rate.  Also, the technician will inquire from the patient about any irregularities or unusual events since the previous dialysis visit.  Finally, the dialysis technician will log all information and prepare the treatment according to the specifications of the machine and the patient.

The actual dialysis procedure may take many hours.  During this process the technician will continue to log the vitals thru the dialysis treatment period.  When finished, the dialysis will assist the patient off of the machine and probably weigh the patient one more time.  Many notes should be kept regarding the procedure, as necessary.  Next, the patient will ready the machine for the next patient, whenever they arrive.  Dialysis techs will be very familiar with the machines that they use to help the patients.

Dialysis technicians are not required to have every answer that patients may bring up about their process, but they should be able to refer the question to the nephrology nurse or another qualified member of the team.

Finally, a good dialysis technician could provide a tremendous service to both the dialysis facility and the patient that visits the facility.  The dialysis technician should be friendly, competent and strive to make the patient feel comfortable and safe.

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