Arizona Dialysis Technician Training


As in the case of just about every state out there, a certified dialysis technician should work under the general supervision of a registered nurse.  Arizona is really no different.  In fact, the state of Arizona has laid out some requirements for an individual to be called a certified dialysis technician (Patient Care Technician) to begin with.

Arizona meets the Medicare requirements for dialysis technician certification.  The state of Arizona breaks down the difference between experienced (meaning that one of the qualifying dialysis examinations has been taken and passed) verses the inexperienced dialysis technician (meaning that the employee has not satisfied the examination requirement, and may not perform any of the functions prescribed by a dialysis technician in the state of Arizona.  These functions include:

1. Perform hemodialysis under direct supervision after passing all didactic, skills and competency examinations; and
2. Provide direct observation to another hemodialysis technician trainee only after completing the health care institution’s preceptor course approved by the governing authority.

Not only will the examination be independently proctered and graded, there must be some form of ongoing re-certification to keep the technician up-to-date.  Generally, certificates must be renewed every couple of years.

A few of the areas in which the training is done includes Maricopa Community Colleges in Phoenix, and at the Phoenix College Downtown.  Also, use the yellow pages for various dialysis centers and inquire of possible training schools from friend and co-workers about possibilities.

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