California PCT Exam


The California PCT (or Patient Care Technician) Exam is administered by the California Dialysis Council and counts as an authorized dialysis technician exam in the state of California.

The fee for this exam is currently set at $175, which is slightly cheaper than other national exams, also accepted by the state of California.  Test-takers need to score in the range of 75% when taking the exam.

The PCT is a great exam, and by most accounts, it is just as thorough as any of the other nationally recognized exams.  However, we would generally recommend that you first attempt to test via either the Bonent Examination (CHT Examination), or the CCHT which is administered by the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission.  In our opinion, either is more portable should you want to transfer to another state to practice as a dialysis technician.  Each of these two examinations are recognized nationwide, where the California PCT Exam is not recognized in most (if any) other states.  In addition, the Bonent and the CCHT are offered in more places in California than the PCT – making the exam more accessible.


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