Georgia Dialysis Technician Training Program


As of this writing (2012) there are almost 250 dialysis clinics across the state of Georgia, with Atlanta being the most concentrated.  And those numbers are rising – probably because of the aging of the baby boomer population and the rise of kidney disease as well.  As such, dialysis technician jobs are hotter than ever and will most likely get hotter.

What is needed to become a dialysis technician in the state of Georgia?  Again, we’re speaking as of this writing, but currently no national exam is required to hold oneself our as a dialysis technician.  All that is currently needed is to attend a Georgia state qualified training program.  The programs are standardized in Georgia, so there shouldn’t be a lot of variance between schools.  We generally recommend that you contact a local dialysis facility and inquire if there’s a training program available.  Inquire of costs and overall likeability of the program.  Also, don’t be afraid to compare costs of more than one facility if it’s an option for you.  It might save you some money.

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