Maryland Dialysis Technician Training


To become an authorized dialysis technician in the state of Maryland you will most likely first need to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.  Upon completion of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, individuals wanting to become a dialysis technician (as I suppose you are since you’re reading this) must take additional classes to become certified in dialysis.  After completing the training program necessary to become a Maryland CNA – Dialysis Tech, you will then complete the application for the certification.

There are several authorized Maryland CNA – Dialysis Technician training schools around.  Don’t be afraid to compare the costs of the training programs as well as the general likeability of the folks that will be helping you at the training facility.  You won’t learn as well from folks that you just don’t like.

  • Deer’s Head Hospital Center in Salisbury claims to have the biggest dialysis unit on the Maryland’s Eastern Shore and helps over 60 dialysis patients per day.
  • DaVita (one of the largest dialysis providers across the U.S.) has locations in Baltimore and Marlboro.
  • Fresenius also has a location in Maryland as well as Hagerstown.
  • Good Samaritan Hospital in Maryland has a Dialysis Training Center.
  • IDF-Independent Dialysis Foundation has a location in Maryland that is also an approved training center.
  • Renal Advantage Inc. has locations in Hyattsville, Oxon Hill and District Heights.  We are unsure whether they offer dialysis training in each location as of this writing.
  • Silver Spring Artificial Kidney Center is also authorized in Silver Spring, MD.
  • US Renal Care (formerly Dialysis Corporation of America) in Chevy Chase, Chesapeake, North Baltimore, Rockville, West Baltimore and St Thomas More Dialysis – Hyattsville.

If you’re moving into the state of Maryland you’ll need to become certified in the same way as those that are residents of Maryland – with one exception.  For folks who have taken and passed the Bonent National Examination and have achieved the designation associated with it, they will get certified instantly upon application.

The certification of a Maryland CNA Dialysis Technician lasts for two years.  The technician will then renew their certificate every other year on the month of their birth.  Also, the technician must have practiced as a Maryland CNA Dialysis Technician and have an experience of at least sixteen hours of practice in the two most recent years before renewing.

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