Mississippi Dialysis Technician Training Program


Like most states (if not all) a Certified Hemodialysis Technician operating in the state of Mississippi will operate under the state board of Nursing, and unless certified, cannot represent him/herself as a hemodialysis technician or dialysis technician.  The board of nursing has the final authority over this area of dialysis technicians.  In fact applications for the certification process itself will be submitted to the board, on the Mississippi State board application form.

Submitted with the application will be some sort of proof of a high-school diploma or GED equivalency.  Also submitted with the application will be evidence that you have completed a dialysis technician program that has been pre-approved by the Nursing Board.

Certified Mississippi State approved dialysis programs are generally not hard to find.  Typically, dialysis facilities offer training programs to potential technicians looking to enter the field of dialysis.

The approved dialysis training program will provide a curriculum that that will help the individual prepare for the finally exam, the CCHT.  The dialysis program will consist of 160 hours of study, where half (80 hours) will be in the classroom, and the rest will be clinical, hands-on education.  During the program phase, the dialysis technician will learn just about everything he or she can to get started.

After that, the technician trainee will gain experience – at least 6 months – giving the technician time to study for the CCHT, a nationally recognized dialysis certifying examination.

Certificates will need to be renewed every two years.  When applying, the technician will submit paperwork showing proof of employment in addition to any other requirements set up by the Nursing Board.

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