Dialysis Technician Training Schools in Tennessee


In Tennessee, a dialysis technician is somewhat defined by what they are NOT.  A dialysis technician is an individual who isn’t a registered nurse, or a physician – but does provide dialysis functions under the direct supervision of an RN or physician.

A dialysis technician in Tennessee will be “trained and competent” when working at a dialysis center.  And when in training, a future dialysis tech will be identified as a trainee, not being confused with one who has completed a dialysis training program.  Thus a dialysis technician TRAINEE will be immediately supervised by an RN or physician at the dialysis location.

Dialysis schools in Tennessee include the following.  Remember that this list changes quite a bit, so contacting the dialysis training facility will certainly help.

Below are some dialysis centers in Tennessee.  We’re not sure if training is available at any or all of the locations, but this would be a great place to start if looking for a dialysis technician training program in Tennessee.  Each of the locations are DaVita locations and can be reached via the phone number 1-800-424-6589.


Region Hospital Jackson Acute – Contact number is 1-800-424-6589

Bolivar Dialysis in Boliver, TN.  Contact number is 1-800-424-6589

Camden Dialysis in Camden TN.  Contact number is 1-800-424-6589

Collierville Dialysis in Collierville TN.  Contact number is 1-800-424-6589

Memphis Downtown Dialysis in Memphis.  Contact number is 1-800-424-6589

There may more in other areas in Tennessee.  Use the DaVita contact number above to find other locations in Tennessee.

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