West Virginia Dialysis Technician Training Programs


The West Virginia Board of Examiners and Registered Professional Nurses requires three things to be certified as a dialysis technician.  These are:

  1. You must have a high school diploma.  A GED equivalency is fine as well.
  2. You must have completed an approved dialysis technician training program and,
  3. You must have achieved some sort of national certification via an approved examination.

If each of these things is present, then the RN nurse in charge of the dialysis technician may authorize the technician to perform the duties the RN would seem fit for them to do.  Until all of the above are conceded complete, the dialysis technician should hold themselves out as “trainees”.  Temporary permits may be handed out to individual trainees until the national certification exam has been taken and passed.

The dialysis technical training program will need to be authorized by the board mentioned above.  We generally find that many dialysis facilities are also authorized to offer training services as well.  Who better to know the ins and outs of dialysis care than facilities already established, and already offering dialysis needs to local patients?

In terms of the national exam, there are three West Virginia-approved certifications.  These are:

  • The Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission offers a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician, or CCHT.
  • An examination offered by the Board of Nephrology Examiners for Nursing and Technology (CHT Examination).
  • An examination offered by the National Nephrology Certification Organization.

We generally recommend that you visit these websites and find out which certification can be obtained nearest you.  The actual costs of the exams are similar and the scopes of the exams are similar as well.  So for us it boils down to convenience, and wherever you can get certified the closest to your West Virginia residence might be your best choice.

The CCHT Exam is offered at a testing center in Bridgeport, whereas the CHT Examination offered by Bonent is offered in Princetown and Morgantown West Virginia.  But again, visit the websites to determine the best location for you.

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